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Quality Parts, Immaculate Services

At MWS Autoworks, we believe that personalization plays a strong part towards an enjoyable vehicle ownership experience. As drivers and car enthusiasts ourselves, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve the overall vehicle ownership experience for our customers. We strongly believe that selection of the right quality parts (together with the finesse of the workmanship) works hand in hand to ensure your vehicle runs well, and we too hope that our customers will share our beliefs. 
Drive Happy with MWS.

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The quality & finesse of Japanese craftsmanship can be seen in the aerokits from ARTISAN SPIRITS. 

The ease of spray and fitment of the aerokit to our customers' vehicles is truly evident from our interactions with the aerokit (as highlighted by our very own installers and painters).

MWS Autoworks shares the same corporate philosophy

"to create joy for customers and create smiles and emotions for society and the company". 


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TOM'S RACING (Singapore)

TOM'S has a very rich motorsports history since it's establishment in 1974, with active involvement (and victories) on various motorsports scene. The brand has been synonymous with Toyota and Lexus ever since. TOM'S products are developed mainly for Lexus and Toyota, and adopt a very high standard of quality and fitment on the vehicles. 

Through using TOM'S products, we hope you too share the TOM'S Passion to give your "passion," "impression," and "romance" (in the words of founder Nobuhide Tachi).

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We are an authorized dealer for HKS Parts and Maintenance products in Singapore.
HKS has a very strong heritage in vehicle performance and has been on the aftermarket performance forefront for products like turbo kit, original muffler, suspension and many more. 
HKS's range of Maintenance Parts and engine oil/ additives such as the Super Filter, Super Fire Spark Plugs, Super Oil and Direct Deposit Remover (DDR) are some of the "good stuff" used regularly by our customers to keep their vehicles in optimal running condition. Contact us if you need any HKS products.

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