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Toyota Projects

Here, we will list down the projects that we have undertaken previously for our Toyota customers. In this region of Asia, we have many Made in Thailand vehicles (Thai CBUs) in addition to those Made in Japan vehicles. You may find some inspiration for mods especially for Thai CBUs that are usually not listed by Japanese tuning companies.

Toyota Projects: Car Brands


TM Works Hyper Direct Coils (Altis 2014).jpg

T.M. Works Hyper Direct Coils

We have seen failure of the factory ignition coils for the Altis 2014 1ZR engine, usually after a period of 4+ years in use (or est 80 - 100K mileage). It would be a good time to consider upgrading the factory ignition coil. The TM Works Hyper Direct Coil gives an immediate feel of smoother and peakier acceleration after installation. Consider pairing this up with a good set of sparks plugs for optimal ignition performance. 
Available for other vehicle models and makes as well - please send us enquiry with your vehicle details.

Toyota Projects: Products
Magical Fuse Altis (3).jpg

Magical Fuse Nano Black

As per product name implies, there is a sense of driving improvement after installation of the Magical Fuse to the Corolla Altis. The car feels torquier from move off, with added responsiveness throughout the rev range. Exhaust note became deeper as well. It's a good product, please enquire with us. Other vehicle makes available too.

Toyota Projects: Products
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