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Approved Exhaust System

'No cert, no problem, just don't get caught' - that's the rule of thumb for exhaust modification in Singapore. But, why risk it when you too, can enjoy it legally!

Approved Exhaust System: Car Brands


List of LTA approved exhausts which we are currently handling. 
If there is a muffler system which you would like us to have approved for use in Singapore, please contact us directly.

TOM4IS IS300 Muffler 1_edited.jpg

Lexus IS300 (4IS)

Featuring a quad burnt tip, the TOM'S Barrel Muffler totally changes the outlook appearance of the original dual-single tip outlook. 

Sound wise, the TOM'S Barrel produces a deep exhaust tone that's befitting of the Lexus Sports sedan. This is totally different from the quiet stock exhaust system.

Lexus IS200T TRD Muffler_001.jpg

TRD Sports Muffler
Lexus IS200t/ IS300 (3IS)

Featuring quad black chrome tips (OD 76mm each), the Sports Muffler by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) combines both sports and luxury in one impressive package.

Exhaust note from the TRD Sports Muffler is sporty, yet non-intrusive, all while offering Lexus IS200t/ IS300 customers more engine response from the 8AR-FTS. 


TRD Sports Muffler 
Lexus NX200t/ NX300

Featuring a quad black chrome tip layout, the Sports Muffler by Toyota Racing Development (TRD) retains the overall sports feel of the vehicle, while adding more punch in both the sound and the power response department respectively.

Some trimming of the stock rear bumper is necessary for fitment. We also have ready stock for TRD Rear Diffuser for that perfect sports look. 

Definitely LTA approved.  

TANABE Sports Muffler
Altis 2014 - 2016 (pre facelift)

This is the only LTA approved muffler in Singapore for the 11gen Corolla Altis 2014 - 2016 (plug-and-play installation*). The sports muffler is a Made in Japan product by TANABE, and features a single steel tip.

Enjoy a sporty exhaust note and increased engine response after installation.

Good results after tuning have been achieved with the TANABE Sports Muffler.  

*No cutting required on stock bumper. 

86 TRD Exhaust.jpg

High Response Muffler Ver. R
Toyota 86 (Zenki)

The total of four exhaust tip (two on each side) gives the rear styling a burst of racing passion. TRD has taken exceeding care in tuning for sound, giving the engine a satisfying noise that you’ll feel as much as hear.

Designed to match either the TRD Rear Bumper Spoiler (sold separately) or Muffler Garnish (for fitting to factory bumper). 

Approved Exhaust System: Products
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