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Founded in 1974, TOM'S continues to excite with their product offerings, which is in line with their aim to bring “Passion”, “Excitement” and “Romance” to Toyota and Lexus fans around the world.

TOM'S: Car Brands


Here, you will find some of the great items from TOM'S for your Lexus and Toyota. 
As we may be unable to list down all the items on our website, please contact us if you need any product enquiry not listed below.


Air Cleaner 
Super Ram II

This is a drop-in performance filter featuring a triple-layer foam structure that enables the trapping of debris before it reaches the engine. TOM'S has analyzed the cell structures within the foam and through a special process of removing the cellular film found within, TOM'S is able to minimize intake resistance & achieved maximum power.

Available for various Lexus and Toyota models.


Electronic Throttle Controller

With most of the current Lexus and Toyota equipped with electronic throttle, TOM'S is able to greatly improve the accelerator response by synchronizing the movement of the pedal with the throttle opening and eliminate the feeling of sluggishness associated with e-throttle. With a 6-modes setting, you will be able to realize the ideal accelerator response for your driving style.

Available for most Toyota and Lexus (equipped with electronic throttle). 

toms power box_001.jpg

Power Box for 8AR-FTS

  • By controlling the pressure sensor value, the boost value is increased, and the power and torque that can be felt are improved.

  • Easy installation of coupler on to the connector in the engine room.

  • In-house tests confirmed improved output of 21PS, 26Nm for 2L turbo

TOM'S: Products
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