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Lexus Projects

Here, we will list down the projects that we have undertaken previously for our Lexus customers, from F Sport conversion to F calipers upgrade, while retaining the premium feel well deserving of a Lexus vehicle.

Lexus Projects: Car Brands


As much as possible, we try to retain the balance between sporty & luxurious executive in our upgrade thought process for Lexus. 
As we may be unable to list down all the items on our website, please contact us if you need any product enquiry not listed below.

F Caliper _004.png

Lexus 'F' Brake Upgrade

This is definitely not some random brake calipers with fancy stickered-on F Logos.  We adopt the genuine Lexus F Caliper for use on the Lexus IS200t/ IS300 turbo for upgraded stopping power with the same Lexus DNA.  

The full Lexus F Brake System includes the front 6-Pot Calipers and rear 4-pot Calipers with accompanying rotors, pads and lines included. This set will require wheels with sufficient clearance for a fuss-free installation. 

Lexus Projects: Products
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